High-speed camera – X.Lite ProCap

Slow-motion camera in a complete package for process tracking and error analysis

Possible uses of a high-speed camera:

  • Observe processes during laser welding
  • Error analysis in fully automatic systems
  • Process optimization of production processes
  • Handling processes fine analysis
  • Analyze high-speed processes
  • Movement analysis in sports medicine
  • Optimization in elite sports

The challenge:

You have a fully automated system that runs with short cycle times and high speeds. Something always leads to errors and this results in a machine downtime. Because the system runs too fast, you can not see with the naked eye what’s going wrong.

The solution:

Here our high-speed camera system X.Lite ProCap is used. The slow-motion camera with accompanying software takes a picture of the process and you can analyze the process in slow motion. You will be amazed what little details are visible in slow motion! With the result of this recording, you will be able to eliminate the root cause and minimize your downtime. Higher output, less waste costs due to rejects – all this is your benefit of a smoothly functioning system.

X.Lite ProCap is a mid-range, high-performance process tracking system. Via USB3.0 a direct and fast transfer of the images to the PC / laptop takes place. There you can immediately work with the pictures taken. The functionalities of X.Lite ProCap are specially selected for effective process tracking and analysis! A well-thought-out operating concept guarantees a user-friendly and simple operation! The basic functions are available directly and quickly, advanced functions are displayed as needed. Likewise, a language switching has been integrated with which you can choose between German, English, Spanish and Italian.