ST-AS | Motorized XYZ-Axis Free Angle Stand

Hirox created a completely new inclination stand featuring multiple integrated sensors and a high precision 80 mm motorized Z movement, providing the highest level of accuracy for various applications.

The XY stage can be manual or motorized (50x50mm or 100x100mm) for automatic XYZ acquisition. The stand also integrates built-in transmitted illumination, controlled by the HRX-01 software, increasing the observations
capabilities, as well as antivibration feet for improved stability. A rotary plate can be added to spin the sample in any direction!

Thanks to various sensors – including height and angle – the ST-AS stand truly supports the users, offering intelligent & stress-free observation.

For a maximum ease-of-use, all 4 axes (X-Y-Z-R) can be controlled with the wireless 3D-mouse controller